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Is EagleFX a Scam? Eaglefx broker review 2022

Definitely one of my favourite brokers now, not had any issues at all with EagleFX.  

For me they are one of he best as the withdrawals times are so fast and really good spreads too.

Had a similar experience so far - appreciate you sharing.

I like that you can trade Crypto on a weekend with them. Plus withdrawals are fast. I've been using them for around a year now.

I have switched from IC Markets to these mainly because of the fast withdrawals and crypto trading。

Started using these for the amount of crypto’s they offer, good for forex too.

I am trading with them as well. for over a year now.

no complaints from me, pay me everytime i do a withdrawal.

Solid broker, and customer services outstanding.

Trading with them too, no complaints.

Solid broker and have been paying me in hours for 18 months or so now.

2022 has really helped everyone open a crypto wallet, BTC booming right now so will pair well with this broker.

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