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JustMarkets Review .2022,Is it a legit or scam forex broker?

1.Small withdrawals are usually launched but if withdrawals are large, is it difficult?

For the WD in the largest number of previous information on its Changer side when using the local bank so they prepare the WD process and there are maximum WD limits on each type of payment

2. Sir, just forex is not safe yet? Three recommendations? For the same deposit withdraw well, isn't it, sir? I'm looking for a broker, too, please.

smooth and secure KLO about it mass and fast

3.The deposit bonus is practically a scam, they take it away if your money runs out. it's like you don't have it.

4.1 year with this broker. I am very satisfied with their deposit and withdrawal on Mobile Money just within only seconds( to be honest not more than 3 minutes). Customer service extremely good. The only thing I think is a bit bad is their spreads on raw spreads account. They claim to be tight but there are brokers who have even tighten spreads on their standard accounts than Justforex raw spreads account. However not too bad.

Keep on providing good service.

5.I received this 30$ but in mt5 that are showing reading only account i am unable to take trade.

6.My bonus 30$ not added in my account

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